I Can’t Catch a Break…Said Nearly Everyone in their Job Search

In your job search it’s critical to realize upfront that you aren’t the only one looking for a new job or wanting to work for a particular employer.  In today’s market the unemployment rate is still considered ‘high’ and the competition is tough.

We now have FIVE generations in the workplace that are all competing for the same jobs that you want... read more

Want to start fresh with your career in 2017? FREE 15-Minute Coaching

Are you wanting to begin the new year with a fresh outlook on your career?  Whether you have questions on your resume, cover letter, networking or overall career guidance, we are offering FREE 15-Minute Coaching every Friday starting December 9 through December 30, 2016.

Visit the link below to claim your spot.  Due to the limited time for our... read more

Networking: An Easier & Less Intimidating Alternative to Staying in Touch

For many people even the slightest thought of going out somewhere to meet and make connections with people they do not know can be daunting.  Whether it's due to time, resources, availability of meet-n-greet type opportunities, or your individual level of introversion, networking in order to meet other professionals in your journey to building your career can be very unappealing ~ rather than... read more

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS): The Truth Behind Gaining A Job

I get many questions these days asking if I can write a resume for Automated Tracking Systems otherwise known as ATS, with a long description to me on what ATS is, in case I’ve never heard of them!

Well, yes, I’ve not only heard of ATS but have in fact used them in recruiting.

Truth # 1: This many... read more

Sara's Favorite Things

As I create online training programs and share knowledge via online social media platforms (i.e.Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Periscope) I have found and currently use a few favorite pieces of technology that are reasonably priced that give me great quality results.  I've found them very helpful and feel you may too.

http://... read more

The Benefits of BEING a Mentor​

We often read about the benefits of finding a mentor(s) and how it will be a positive influence on your career.   And what you have read are very real benefits, finding a good mentor(s) is critical to learning and growing throughout your career.  Being open to learning from mentors at every stage of your career is essential.

But we don’t often talk about the benefits that come with ... read more

The Recipe for a Significant Career!



2 cups passion

1 cup persistence

1/2 cup gratitude

1 tablespoon of faith

1/4 teaspoon of support

A pinch of courage

And a whole lot of time & determination



  • Believe in yourself
  • Write down your accomplishments, unique strengths, dreams,... read more

They Scheduled a Phone Interview...Now What?!

You’re ready to make a career change and you’ve been applying to what seem like an endless list of jobs both in close proximity of your current location, and for those flexible to relocation, quite a distance away.

Today you hear from one of the employers that they would like to schedule a phone interview.

You think GREAT…. I have an interview; someone (finally) recognizes my... read more

Thought for the Day

‘Your Value Does Not Decrease Based on Someone’s Inablity to See Your Worth’ Unknown

Have you been working long hours taking on new projects all the while excelling at your normal duties only to continue to be overlooked for pay increases and job promotions?

Or maybe you’re at a point in your career where you have amassed significant... read more

2014 Goals- What Has Been Checked Off?

2014 is nearing an end, did you set goals last January to accomplish for this year? 

* If you did, what has been accomplished?

* What has yet to be tackled and can it be yet this year?

* What are the reasons some goals have been left untouched? 

         * Time?

         * Budgetary reasons?

         * Goal no longer relevant?

         * Loss of... read more


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