2014 Goals- What Has Been Checked Off?

2014 is nearing an end, did you set goals last January to accomplish for this year? 

* If you did, what has been accomplished?

* What has yet to be tackled and can it be yet this year?

* What are the reasons some goals have been left untouched? 

         * Time?

         * Budgetary reasons?

         * Goal no longer relevant?

         * Loss of motivation to accomplish the goal?

To be successful in checking off your goals, whether short term or long term, you must have a commitment to doing what it takes to achieve the ones you set.  

Take time in 2015 to think through what makes sense in your personal and professional life to accomplish and what it will take to do so.  

Setting short term goals is the best way to start, but in order to be successful in achieving those goals or any other goal, they must be realistic and measurable!


Realistic: is this goal something that can truly be accomplished by you in the timeframe that you have set?

Measureable: how will you know if you have achieved your goal if it cannot be measured in some way?


WEAK: get a new job this year

BETTER: explore career fields this year  for the career that I want to have by researching  the necessary education, experience and special training that is required.


  1. in the first quarter of 2015 explore career fields that interest me for my next career move.
  2. in the second quarter of 2015 research the necessary education, experience and special training that is required by looking up job postings in that field, getting involved in professional associations relating to that field, volunteering in the industry and networking with those working in this field to broaden my idea of what the job requires.  
  3. in the third and fourth quarter of 2015 start taking action, reconsider goals and update as necessary.

Consider using a career coach who can first work with you on assessing your skills, interest, aptitude for different career paths and/or upward movement in your current field.  A career coach can help you define the best career fields for you, assist in identifying the market for that career and the steps to take in order to be a viable candidate for when an opportunity arises.

Just as goals aren't accomplished overnight, your career planning also takes time and effort……… but you don't have to go it alone.  

Staying on target with your goals requires first that you set goals that make sense for you and next that you stay committed towards doing what it takes to accomplish that goal.  

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