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‘Your Value Does Not Decrease Based on Someone’s Inablity to See Your Worth’ Unknown

Have you been working long hours taking on new projects all the while excelling at your normal duties only to continue to be overlooked for pay increases and job promotions?

Or maybe you’re at a point in your career where you have amassed significant achievements in your particular industry or career expertise and have embarked on an ‘employer change’  yet are not getting any calls on the many resumes that you are sending out and the job postings where you have submitted your materials?

As someone who has been there in the past and is listening to colleagues who are at that very stage right now, wanting to be appreciated by their current employer or just ready to start a job search for the next level of their career but not getting that recognition or chance to show their talents can be very difficult, and yes frustrating to continue to keep  spirits high and not let the negativity take over.

As a career coach I hear very similar stories from clients at all stages of their career, of hard work, long hours, taking on additional duties, giving up free time for work related needs and taking classes while holding down a job (or two) while taking care of  their families and feeling like they will never get beyond their current status. 

There are many reasons this can occur, in some cases you can take a more assertive role for change and in some cases it really is ‘them and not you’.

If you are putting in the effort and not being recognized by your current employer or a prospective one take a minute to really assess your situation.  But I warn you to get to the truth so that you can move forward it will call for you to be (at times maybe brutally) honest with yourself:

Current employer:

  • What is the track record of internal promotions or raises?
  • Who is getting promoted and what is their background?
  • Have you talked to your supervisor about how you feel?
  • Have you met with human resources to let them know your career goals and if so have you asked for advice on what you can do now to get that recognition or to better prepare yourself for that next raise or promotion?
  • What is the quality of your work and what is your track record with your daily attitude and interactions with others?
  • Are there budgetary concerns that your employer is facing that are prohibiting recognition?

If you can honestly answer that you are truly a stellar employee and are being overlooked you have a decision to make;

  1. Stay and continue to build your skills/experience and hope for a different result;
  2. Talk to your supervisor or human resources about how much you enjoy your job and working for the company but want to go to that next level and would appreciate any advice they can give…. and then take action;
  3. Think hard about whether this is the right time to look elsewhere.

Prospective employer:

  1. How strong is your resume and cover letter?  Hiring officials will spend mere seconds reviewing both so it’s critical that this first impression is a strong one;
  2. Are you applying for jobs where you truly meet 75% or more of what they are seeking?
  3. Are you known for your expertise in your community or industry?
  4. Competition- remember you aren’t the only one applying for a particular job and other applicants may bring stronger backgrounds and with more online recruitment efforts your competition is possibly coming from great distances.

I leave you with two thoughts:

First is to never let anyone rent space in your head, especially negative space. Know your worth and figure out how to get others to know it as well.  If you need to ask for help from someone not closely related to your situation that can maintain a neutral stance and be objective do so.

Secondly, don’t give up.   Whether you stay with your current employer or are seeking a change, be patient.   Success comes with hard work, consistent effort and sometimes it just takes time for the opportunity that is right for you to present itself.

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