Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use An HR Consulting Firm?

Esperto HR Office recognizes that small to medium size organizations need professional HR services, however may not be in a position to hire onsite staff. As seasoned HR professionals we can manage and guide your HR functions in a cost effective manner.

Where Do I Start?

Feel free to send us an email at with your questions and we will contact you to further discuss your needs.

What is the Fee Structure?

Because HR consulting services will be customized to meet your organizations specific needs a customized quote will be provided after an initial assessment of desired services.

What Services Are Available?

Esperto HR Office offers both one -time services based on ‘at the moment needs’ and long- term ongoing services.

Transactional HR: these functions may include new hire documentation, benefits administration, documentation of processes, crafting job descriptions, development and enforcement of policies, creation of employee handbook and/or affirmative action plans and records management.

Managerial HR: the next stage after transactional, this may include employee relations, management development, training, organizational orientation and onboarding.

Compliance: labor and employment law has become more complex and requires specialized knowledge to navigate potential risks involved in decision making when it comes to issues such as ADA, FMLA and Sexual Harassment.

Strategic HR: building and maintaining a strong and loyal workforce which includes a well developed recruitment and retention plan, training, employee coaching and developing and nurturing a distinctive culture for your organization.

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